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2002 Batten Awards and Symposium

Civic Journalism: Celebrating the Past, Focusing on the Future

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Monday, April 22, 2002

2002 Batten Award Winners

Luncheon Keynote

Walker Lundy
Editor and Executive Vice President
The Philadelphia Enquirer

Dinner Keynote

Hodding Carter III
President and CEO
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Press Release

March 21, 2002
Savannah's "Vision 2010" Wins Batten Award
Civic Legacy and Innovations Cited


2001 Batten Awards and Symposium

Media and Democracy

Kent State University
April 19, 2001

Sponsored by:

  • Pew Center for Civic Journalism
  • Kent State University
  • Akron Beacon Journal
  • WKSU Radio, 89.7 Kent State University
  • PBS Channels 45 and 49, Youngstown/Akron

Watch the Batten Symposium webcast: www.wksu.org/events/battensymposium/index.html

By Jan Schaffer
Executive Director

2001 Batten Award Winners

Batten Awards Luncheon Keynote Address

New Media, Converged Media, Multimedia: What Shall We Do With Them?
Reid Ashe
The Tampa Tribune

Batten Symposium Panels

Convergence and the Community: All Bells and Whistles?

Race and Civic Journalism: Case Studies and What's Been Learned

New Journalism, New Interactions

Press Release

March 26, 2001
2001 Batten Awards Honor Civic Turnaround Efforts
Deep Community Work Sparks Results


2000 Batten Awards and Symposium

The People's Choice: The Media, the Campaign and the Citizens

Boston University
April 26-27, 2000

Sponsored by:

  • Pew Center for Civic Journalism
  • Boston University, College of Communication, Dept. of Journalism
  • The Quincy Patriot Ledger
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Boston Herald
  • The Cape Cod Times
  • The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune
  • The Springfield Union News
  • The Concord (NH) Monitor
  • Community Newspapers
  • WGBH Radio and Television
  • WBUR Radio
  • WBZ-AM Radio
  • WBZ Channel 4 Television
  • WCVB Channel 5 Television
  • WHDH Channel 7 Television

By Jan Schaffer
Executive Director

2000 Batten Award Winners

Batten Awards Dinner Keynote Address

Campaign 2000: Pressure is on the Traditional Press
Will We Reform Coverage? Or Will We Continue Our Old Ways?
Pam Johnson
Senior Vice President and Executive Editor
The Arizona Republic

Batten Symposium

Panel: Did the Media Do the Right Thing?
Has the primary coverage been useful to voters?

Panel: Meeting Citizens' Needs. What's Next?
Can the news media do more to inform citizen choices?

Symposium Luncheon Keynote Address

"The Presidency and the Media"
Robert Dallek
Boston University
Presidential Historian and Author

Press Release

April 3, 2000
Savannah, Philadelphia and New Hampshire News, Editorial Page, Online Initiatives Win the 2000 Batten Prize for Excellence in Civic Journalism


1999 Batten Awards and Symposium

A Citizen's-Eye View: Civic Journalism, Civic Engagement University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Monday, May 3, 1999

Sponsored by: Pew Center for Civic Journalism Star Tribune St. Paul Pioneer Press KTCA-TV, Twin Cities Public Television Minnesota Public Radio Minnesota Journalism Center at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication

By Jan Schaffer
Executive Director

1999 Award Winners

Symposium Keynote Addresses

Why "the Informed Citizen" Is Too Much to Ask - and Not Enough
Michael Schudson
Professor, University of California- San Diego
Author, "The Good Citizen, A History of American Civic Life"

Civic Journalism: It's Gotta Have Heart
Zack Stalberg
Vice President and Editor
The Philadelphia Daily News

Symposium Panel Presentations

E-Democracy: Alternative Methods for Engaging Citizens
Phil Madsen, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura's Webmaster
Kathleen deLaski, Director, AOL's News Programming
David Brauer, Minnesota E-Democracy List Manager

New Research Findings Civic Engagement in American Cities: Who, What, When, Where, Why and So What - Greg Markus, University of Michigan

Will Any Kind of Talk Do? - Teri Pinney, The Harwood Institute

If You Build It and They Come, Then What? - Robert P. Daves, Star Tribune, Christina L. Fiebich, University of Minnesota

Evaluating Television Programs that Promote Civic Engagement - Kenneth A. Rasinski, National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago

Can Different Groups Who Care About Civic Engagement Complement One Another?

Press Release
March 17, 1999
St. Paul, San Francisco and Portland News Organizations Win 1999 Batten Prize for Excellence in Civic Journalism.


1998 Batten Awards and Symposium

News Futures: Civic Innovations in Reporting

Introductory Remarks
Jan Schaffer
Executive Director

Award Winners

Symposium Keynote Addresses

Who Said Journalism Can't Change?: Creating a Meaningful Legacy
Jennie Buckner
Editor and Vice President
The Charlotte Observer
Is the news media trivializing American society? Jennie Buckner questions whether entertainment-based news is a meaningful legacy for modern journalists.

Changing Newsroom Cultures: The Tyranny of "Or;" the Power of "And"
Steve Smith
Editor and Vice President
The Gazette, Colorado Springs
Steve Smith talks about civic journalism as a set of core values that can be used daily along with traditional journalistic frameworks.

Symposium Panel Presentations:Framing the Story in New Ways

Wrightwood: A Neighborhood in Transition Wrestles with Change
Laura Washington
Editor and Publisher
The Chicago Reporter
Laura Washington discusses what her paper learned from one neighborhood's participation in a community meeting.

Heroin: On Assignment
John Miller
Executive News Director
WFAA-TV, Dallas
John Miller discusses how news organizations have a responsibility to their communities beyond ratings.

Cracking the Spiral of Silence, Empowering People
Frank Denton
Wisconsin State Journal
How does a story's frame alter the outcome? Frank Denton shares the lessons he learned as a journalist viewing a story from a new perspective-- the citizens'.

"The Children's Hour"
Mizell Stewart, III
Metro Editor
Akron Beacon Journal
Mizell Stewart discusses how his paper expanded an investigative project to an eight-part series that captured the varied voices within the community by looking beyond the typical conflict frame.

Press Release
April 6, 1998
Asbury Park, Baltimore and Idaho News Organizations Win 1998 Batten Prize For Excellence in Civic Journalism


1997 Batten Awards and Symposium

News Breaks: Can Journalists Fix It?

Award Winners

Symposium Keynote Address
Journalism: Broken, Unmoored from a Higher Calling
Ervin S. Duggan
Public Broadcasting Service
Ervin Duggan places perspective on Jim Batten's commitment to journalism as stewardship, advancing the idea that civic journalism is an experiment that news organizations must under take to repair the state of news reporting in America.

Symposium Speeches

The Challenge Is to Reclaim Our Moral Authority, And Ask: How Do We Know What We Know?
Cole Campbell
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Cole Campbell discusses the courageous steps that both the community of journalists and his own paper must take to reclaim moral authority in a profession that has slipped into divisive patterns

We Need to Do It or They'll Do It Themselves
Glenn Ritt
Vice President, News and Information
The Record, Hackensack, N.J.
Glenn Ritt talks about how innovative approaches to reaching your various audiences, including on-line and new media, can provide groups opportunities to participate in civic life.

Honorable Mentions

  • The Riverside Press-Enterprise (CA) for "Through the Prism"

  • The Kansas City Star for "Raising Kansas City- Democracy and the Next Generation"

  • St. Paul Pioneer Press for "Across Generations: What We Owe Each Other"

Press Release
April 11, 1997
Three Newspapers Share Batten Prize For Outstanding Civic Journalism Efforts


1996 Batten Awards and Symposium

Journalism: From Citizens Up

Awards Winners

  • The Charlotte Observer (NC) for "Taking Back our Neighborhoods"

  • The Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) for "A Community on the Rise"

  • The Kansas City Star for "Raising Kansas City"
Honorable Mentions
  • Dallas Morning News for "The We Decade, Rebirth of Community"

  • We the People Wisconsin

Symposium Keynote Addresses

Civic Journalism: Part of the Solution
Matthew V. Storin
The Boston Globe
Matthew Storin talks about his experiences at The Globe and the role of newspapers in finding solutions to community problems.

The Puff Adder's Nest of Modern Journalism
James Fallows
Washington Editor
The Atlantic Monthly
Author, "Breaking the News, How the Media Undermine American Democracy"

Symposium Panel Presentation
Hear from The Charlotte Observer's Cheryl Carpenter, Dave of Iverson Wisconsin Public Television, and Don MacGillis, Coordinator of "The People's Voice" at The Boston Globe among others as they speak on 'Journalism: From Citizens Up'.

Press Release
May 2, 1996
Three Newspapers Share First James Batten Award for Outstanding Civic Journalism Efforts


1995 Batten Awards and Symposium

Journalism: From Citizens Up

The Inaugural Award
Civic journalism pioneer James K. Batten is honored posthumously with the first award for excellence in civic journalism. The award, established by The Pew Charitable Trusts in 1995, will go toward establishing the Batten medal to honor the Knight-Ridder journalist whose work best exemplifies Batten's values.

Symposium Panel Presentation
Speakers at the first Batten symposium include: David Broder, E.J. Dionne, Jennie Buckner, and Cole Campbell.

Press Release
July 14, 1995
Civic Journalism award Created to Honor Former Knight-Ridder Chairman James K. Batten.

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