2001 Batten Award Honorable Mention

"Choose or Lose 2000"
MTV Networks, New York, NY

For "Choose or Lose 2000: I'm a Candidate," "Choose or Lose 2000: Where Were You at 22?" and "Choose or Lose 2000: Sex Laws," fun and provocative pieces on the cost of running for Congress, what the presidential candidates did when they were young and sexual policy issues. Done, in part, with TIME magazine, they modeled how journalism can reach a new generation of news consumers.

Lauren Lazin
MTV News & Documentaries
MTV Networks
"Choose or Lose 2000: I'm a Candidate"
The documentary followed the trials and tribulations of two young, untested candidates for the U.S. Congress: Dylan Glenn (right), a 31-year-old black Republican running in southwest Georgia, and John Cranley (left, shown with Al Gore), a 26-year-old white Democrat running in Cincinnati. This up-close view of how difficult it is to run for office helped show younger viewers there is still something admirable and noble about running for office and reinforced the importance of participating in the political process.

"Choose or Lose 2000: Where Were You at 22?"
The program introduced viewers to the young lives of six presidential candidates: Al Gore, George Bush, Bill Bradley, John McCain, Steve Forbes and Pat Buchanan. It revealed the life-altering choices these six men made during their youth and reminded young viewers that decisions made in their twenties about life, career and the people they love have an impact on their futures.

"Choose or Lose 2000: Sex Laws"
A half-hour special that examined the federal and state laws that can impact how young people have sex, who they have it with, and whether or not they should be having it at all. Viewers were given straightforward information on where the two presidential candidates stood on a variety of issues and offered ways that young people can create change through activism and voting.

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